There are four turbocharged production cars in the entire world. Two of them are Buicks: the Regal Sport Coupé and the LeSabre Sport Coupé. The other two cars are the Porsche Carrera Turbo and the SAAB Turbo.

There are four turbocharged production cars in the entire world. Two of them are Buicks. Buick Regal Sport Coupé and Buick LeSabre Sport Coupé. In the recent past, if you wanted a car with a turbocharged engine you had to choose from a rather elite group of imports. Two, to be exact. Ah, but now all that has changed. Now Buick offers two production automobiles with turbocharged, even-firing V-6 engines: the new Regal Sport Coupe and the LeSabre Sport Coupe. It makes Buick the only American car maker to offer such wizardry. A word here,pbout turbocharg-ing. Simply put. it's a highly effec-tive means of boosting an engine's horsepower without increasing its size. Turbocharging harnesses the energy of burned exhaust gasses to pump pressurized fuel and air into the combustion cham-bers. When ignited, this pressurized charge provides added power. Best of all, the turbo-charger works only on demand. Lift your foot, and the 3.8 litre (231 cubic-inch) V-6 responds like the six cylinder engine it is. (Available in California in January, 1978.) Science and magic aren't limited solely to the engine compartment, either. There's the Sport Coupe sus-pension to consider. Both Regal and LeSabre make use of a sophis-ticated Rallye ride-and-handling suspension using firm springs. shock absorbers, and front and rear stabilizer bars. But despite the firmness, the ride comfort and smooth-ness will amaze and delight you. After all, these are Buicks. America's only turbocharged production automobile engine. The other two cars are the Porsche Turbo Carrera and the Turbo Saab. We strongly urge you to visit your Buick dealer, who will be more than happy to give you all the details on the great new Buick Sport Coupes. Come on now—they're surpris-ingly affordable, and just exotic enough for you to really love them. A little science. A little magic.

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