A great new power mate for the Buick Special's aluminium V8. Now a V6! Only Buick has it!

a great new power mate for the Special's aluminum V-8 Now aV-6! Only Buick has it! Six for Savings —V for Voom. It was natural that it came from Buick. Natural that Buick developed the successor to the in-line.six-cylinder engine... the 17-6! A V-6 you can now get in the new 1962 Buick Special (in convert-ible, sedan or station wagon models). A V-6 that has 140 to 179 pounds less weight than in-line sixes of comparable power. A V- 6 that gives you the V- smooth, V- lively Foam of big cars plus gas economy that challenges the com-pacts. A V-6 with the shortest, most rigid block and crankshaft in any American 6-cylinder car. Why is it natural that this great engine should come from Buick? Because it was Buick which also developed an aluminum F-8 which you can also get in the Buick Special. This is the V-8 that gives you sizzling go, yet swept its class in 1961's Mobilgas Economy Run against the country's top drivers. It's natural that it should come from Buick, too, because so many other great automotive advances have . . . such as today's safe, simple directional signals . . . fin-cooled aluminum brakes . . . the first no-shift transmission ... the first hardtop. So here again you have exciting proof that when better auto-mobiles are built, Buick will build them. Buick Motor Division— General Motors Corporation. '62 Buick Special The happy-medium size

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