Finishing first is a tradition at Chevrolet.

Finishing first is a tradition at Chevrolet.
We compete every day. We go against the best the world can throw at us. Day in, day out, year after year. Chevrolet is Number One. The brand more people buy, and depend on. Look around you. You'll see more Chevys than any other kind. For the past 40 years. Chevrolet has been the leading nameplate in America, according to the R. L. Polk & Co. Annual Census of cars and trucks in use July 1,1941-1980. As a matter of fact, over the past live years, Chevrolet has sold more 
cars and trucks in America than all the imports combined. What have we done for you lately? For openers, a whole new Camaro that has the competition chasing shadows. Also two high-tech front-wheel-drive Chevrolets called Celebrity and Cavalier. And a new-size pickup truck, the Chevy S-10. After all, there's only one way to stay Number One. You simply keep in front of the other guys. 

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