Chevrolet Corvette. Everything you need is standard except the gas.

Corvette. Everything you need is standard except the gas. 
In 1953, we set out to build an American sports car because there wasn't one. Little did we know that 19 years later it would still be the only production sports car made in this country. That's our Corvette. A classic. A legend. A car with as good a reputation as any car in the world. Like all great cars, Corvette's price might make you stretch your budget a little. But like all great cars, you get a lot for your money. We think you get the most for your money in Corvette. The list of standard equipment is impressive and extensive. A 4-Speed fully synchronized transmission. A 350-cubic-inch V8 with a 4-barrel carb. Disc brakes at all four wheels. Fully independent suspension all the way around. Positraction rear axle. 
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Full instrumentation including tach, ammeter, oil pressure gauge and temperature gauge. The list goes on through carpeting, hidden wind-shield wipers, pop-up headlights and Astro Ventilation. The point is that Corvette's standards aren't bat necessities. Along with all the excitement, they're the things most people want in a sports car. You might like t order air conditioning, an AM/FM/Stereo radio, leather seats, and a few other extras, but there just aren't too many things you can add to Corvette. When you buy a Corvette, about everything you need is standard . . . except the gas. And even that is no lead, low lead or regular. 
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-Chevrolet. Building a better way to see the U.S.A.

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