Get more fun out of life. Own a Chevrolet Corvette now. The first of the dream cars to come true.

Get more fun out of life own a Corvette now 
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Own a Corvette—and add spice to every mile you drive. Standing only ;; inches at door top and extending a compact 167 inches over-all. the Corvette is maneuverable and quick It is powered by a special 15o•horsepo•er hig•compression engine with three carburetors. Its wide 57.inch front tread and outriggeistype rear springs give exciting sports car road. ability. Its cockpit. including tachometer. has the sparkle and precision of a jewel. Best of AIL you on now own a dashing Corvette by simply visiting your Chevrolet dealer—your convenient source for service and rrc±. See him soon... Chevrolet Division of General Motors. Detroit 2. Michigan. 
First of the dream cars to come true

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