Mercedes-Benz. Wunderbar. Engineered like no other car.

A car can be fast. A car can be stylish. Or comfortable. Or reliable. But it will never be a Mercedes if it isn't first safe. This view led us to invent many of the safety features you'll find in any modern car. But none of them, we imagine, are quite as dramatic as the one that you see demonstrated here. The unique roll-over bar on the Mercedes SL. Wunderbar. It comes up in 0.3 of a second should either of the rear wheels leave the road and the car tilts over by more than 26? This view of safety also led our thinking in the development of the new Mercedes C-class. By the time it was launched, we'd crashed more than E2m worth of them. (Which might explain why Automotor und Sport magazine found the C-class to be the safest car they had ever tested for critical head injuries.) Which just goes to prove what we have always said. The most important feature of any Mercedes is safety. Bar none. Mercedes-Benz. Engineered like no other car. MERCEDES C•CLASS FROM 618.300 $L SHOWN FROM 655,600 EXCLUDES DELIVERY (C425 UK MAINLAND) AND NUMBER PLATES PRICES CORRECT AT TIME OF GOING TO PRESS FOR MORE INFORMATION PHONE 0181-554 8822 EXT 1391 OR WRITE TO 1391 ARODENE HOUSE. 41-55 PERTH ROAD. GANTS HILL. ESSEX IG2 68% WE ALSO OFFER FINANCE. INSURANCE AND RENTAL MERCEDES-BENZ MEMBER OF THE DAIMLER BENZ GROUP

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