Enter the Austin Healey Sprite. The most exciting new car on the road for £668.17s.

Enter the Austin Healey Sprite

Roy Salvadori takes the Sprite into a bend ...a touch on the brakes ...drop down to third ...into controlled drift ...foot hard down in third

Enter the .A.T.TS I E.ALE 
3P1:1, 111' 
The most exciting new car on the road for £668.17s. tax paid 
HOW'S THIS FOR PERFORMANCE? The Sprite 948 c.c. power unit is the 13,IC 'A' Seri. 43 I3HP engine, giving a maxi-mum speed in the top seventies. A eru. powered by the same basic uMt broke 9 International Class G records at Bonneville, in August 1957. HOW'S THIS FOR DESIGN? The complete bonnet and winp assembly of the Sprite lifts up to give quick accessi-bility to engine and front suspension, greatly facilitating maintenance. Rear suspension is. by trailing link to redu. unsprung weight. 
HOW'S THIS FOR SAFETY? Rc, Salvadori tried out the Sprite at Silverstone. Iie says: 'The Sprite is ainazing for its cost. Road-holding, steering, brak. are everything the enthusiast could want.' HOW'S THIS FOR LOOKS? Sprite styling speaks for itself. It's got all the greyhound grace of a luxury touring car. Anclevery flowing line has been prayed in the wind tunnel. HOW'S THIS FOR ECONOMY? Sprite rtuming costs can be lower than most foray cars. You get an average of up to forty exciting miles to every gallon Of petrol. 
HOW'S THIS FOR VALUE? Biggest surprise of all-the Sprite costs no more than a small saloon 1 It's the greatest value in cars ever offered to the keen driver. 

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