BOING-G-G-G! Fashion-plate your car with these giant decals in authentic scotch plaids!

• 110-1 G el • 
'CAR-D-CAL' is the very latest auto-motive sensation—straight from the nation's custom car, vivid, four-color Tartan Plaids or saucy Polka-Dots that add a bit of WOW! to any car—stock, custom, or sports. Easy to apply... just follow simple directions. Choose from dozens of illustrated style suggestions furnished with each kit, or work out your own custom ideas. Will not injure car paint. Washes off easily with Aviation gasoline... change color or plaid areas whenever you like. Make yours the best dressed car in town —send for your Giant Decal Kit today. 
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Each plaid it to combination of our colon. with red. or green, dominant. Specify which dominant color yeti prefer. DEALERS: Write on your letterhead for information. 
AfelehoWn 1A1.114111110TIVE INDUSTRIES 1‘. 5805 E. BEVERLY BLVD., DEPT. 143 105 ANGELES 22, CALIFORNIA 
Kit A: KIT Kit 0 
2930 sq. a. $9.93 This kit will lake core of customizing overtop, car interior. doers, etc. 4000 sq. in $19.93 This kit will do the largest car top or elvivolent ova. more than ISClassOrteel Sile Polka Dots $9.95 Specify rod, green, yellow or white Polka Dot color desired. 
Newhouse Automotive Industries, 5805 E. Beverly elvd.,Dept. 147, Los Angeles 27, Cali fornia Gthttisathr ?Pew rash my Glens Decal las seder. f:3 tat A 19.931 0 TS 0 Dthth o xii S (19.95) 0 Red 0 Cotqa o Kit c (9.93) 0 INS 0 Omen 0 Yellow C O Cosh enclosed; ship propokl n 13 NANA enca goo C.O.D. 
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