"Engines don't drink, they breathe." Aurelio Lampredi.

'Engines don't drink, they breathe' Aurelio Lan t-di issery U111 for an Italian Fledge:mm..1th illeespensaraisnal nes, of an English country gentleman When hetulks to !iou he drawswith a wet felt tip sei of his mind cook, not work without the fluent mcnernent of his fingers Iii, is. by his own ndmissatun. one of the three men mat responsible for the car you drive tocluy i the others being Docirw lent nand Porsche and Colin Chapman] It is so obviously true that a doesn't even occur to you that the man may be boasting early years at Ferrari. When tic went to work 60t-14..rn.in in 1946401 unblown rain itg engines gine a twut SO !gasper litre And in nice.. 01500 kik, meltesmosicitthent itspkwied Yet within u couple ol years he increased Ferran's output tolf10 hhp perlit re And thet. rnushod 1.1r11.' race Firm What working on aero engines taught him. 11Icpit nciples kvinit earlier in his lire wheiniestgning arm engines haling to push as much oxygen in as passable and building than so they finish every mu rneyl Ile concentrated on improving the airflow Into the engine rather than streamlining the laMy shells as every one else max doing -Men an athletes short of breath. lies short of strength he says Thus he made the ducts inside the intim F)Id and cylinder head more aerodynamic so they Weal bed beiter What goes in must come out. Ile also redesigned the es ha I.V.4 r system The faster I he exhaust gasses - can get out the faster fresh oxygen run get in His idea was the double exhaust system. connected in pairs and tuned like a trumpet to match the inlet A stestein still irked IN1 all raring cars, Ferran% Flats and Lancia,. today The production line. In 185.5 h.• i.....ttt 1 it•• I Ppporiunity to see if his print iple, w orked on t he pruduct irm line when hemmed loft!. They worked beyond ell nor hone-t. I itcreastng t heoutput or our engmes Im no less than 18 bhp And because they were turning user MOM drat Nentl); they lusted long., unliVelitOcifl.50.000kna Among the rnany engines he de-signed from scratch was the 130. the Nitration Ann rth two laret1Sigrid Rally Champion three times) and the 127 Diesel An oarly innovaiton of his NILS the 124 engine with double overhead carom/mils rind a timing belt instinct ofchains lie subsequently intretkled this un-ique engine to 1600. 1800 arid 2000ccS 
then used ii EL% the model fur the resolut signify 128 engine with a Angle overhead camshaft and wsit ad timing belt This is the engine compared with winch Autocar called the Allegro's -positively medieval' lb this day nearly ten years later no one has designed a better engine Enlarged. it now powers the Stnida and the i/UX:14 Delta 4 te, ant emb What will be the next big breakthrough? Thu% kind l!. giant itt it man who wanted originally to be a conductor and still hays the symphonies of the great romantics ixmders on the future of the I uticrnal combust am engine Mennwh de Ise has designed a retnarkatil, .,olet, (bevel engine for the Strada And he thinks its lune someone looked with fresh eyes at the car bowl Inc (cheaper and more reliable than fuel inartion) Rut his intuit work is with super claiming Ile hits blown a Neibrs of Fiat 131s to give 130 bhp while respecting all IxillUtion regulations and manning consumption tend torque by 3.S% It might lust be that the man largely responsible for the engine in your car wilily will also he the linon Wit nd the OM` rail drise into the 1111S1 century.

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