Guts. Bavarian Motor Works.

We lay it on the line. BMW builds the best sports sedans in the world. Who says? The drivers do. In poll after poll, men who know cars acknowledge BMW for what it is. A car with an overhead-cam engine built around a combustion system so advanced that a BMW will cruise—cruise—at 110 mph. A car with a suspensions system that gives you roadholding qualities that are simply incredible. So efficient that many racing cars have imitated it. A car for all-out performance, for pure quality of construction, for right-down-to-it guts, has no equal. Do you need only transportation? Then BMW is not for you. There are always the Swedish tractors, or one of those Oriental curiosities, and so on. But if you want the best sports sedan money can buy, if you want a car that makes driving a joy, then visit your BMW dealer. Has he got a car for you! BMWs are available in lour or six-cylinder models. U.S. Sole Importer: Hoffman Motors Corporation. 375 Park Avenue. New York. N.Y. 10022: 12541 Beatrice Street. Los Angeles. California 90066. Dealers Coast to Coast. Advantageous European Delivery Program. Write for free brochure. Canada: East. BMW Distributors Eastern Canada. Ltd. 735 Progress Avenue. Scarborough, Ontario, West, BMW Destributorf (We-stetn) Co. 2040 Burrard Street. Vancouver 9. B.C. Bavarian Motor Works. BMW.

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