Gentlemen, start your Camaros.

Gentlemen, start your Camaros. Benny Parsons, Brian Redman, James Hunt, Emerson Fittipaldi, Richard Petty, Jody Scheckter, A. J. Foyt, Mario Andretti, Bobby Allison, Al Unser, David Pearson, Bobby Unser (not shown). The third annual International Race of Champions is on. Once again, in four fascinating events spread widely across the country and the calendar, 12 of the world's winningest drivers are competing in 12 identical cars, identically prepared. A true test of driving skill. The cars are Cameros. That should come as no great surprise. Camaro's aerodynamic shape makes it a natural for these events. The protile is low, the stance is wide, the size is right—and the feel is terrific. Drivers enjoy driving Camaros, people enjoy watching them. Camaro has been a particularly popular off-road competition cur ever since it was first introduced about 10 years ago. Chevrolet salutes the 12 distinguished drivers of the third International Race of Champions. Gentlemen, start your Camaros. WATCH FOR THE INTERNATIONAL RACE OF CHAMPIONS ON THE ABC TELEVISION NETWORK.

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