Ford. The first to "grow" automobile parts on the farm.

1st to "grow" automobile parts on the farm. It has always been a Ford conviction that agriculture and industry are natural partners. That is why Ford has pioneered the use of farm products as automobile materials. Ford was the first car manufacter to start growing its own timber. This was in 1919, when Ford purchased a large tract in Northern Michigan, to provide a dependable source of both hard and soft woods. Ford was the first car manufacter to acquire its own rubber plantations. Ford was the first car manufacter to provide its own tung oil for paints and cnamels, by planting tung tree groves. And perhaps the most striking example of this parternship of farm and factory is the Ford development of the soya bean. Ford was first to sow, harvest and use the "miracle bean" as a basic industrial material. The soya bean has long been an ingredient of synthetic resin enamels and plastic parts for Ford-built cars. This Ford "first" brought inpetus to the plastics industry. It gave farmers a new "money crop". Today many products go from farm to Ford, to contribute to the beauty performance and economy of Ford-built cars and trucks. And these products benefit owners and farmers alike, because they bring new valuers on the one hand... new income on the other. Here is another of the Ford advances that means so much to America. Tune in... The Ford Show... CBS, Tuesdays, 10 10:30 P.M., E.S.T. The Ford Sunday Evening Four... ABC, Sundays, 8-9 P.M., E.S.T. Except the "firsts" from Ford!

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