GO-GO Multi-Function Gaming/Rocking Chair

A Omgigho revelou um cockpit para simuladores de corridas de automóveis que, enquanto ninguém está jogando, pode ser utilizada como uma poltrona. Além disso, também pode ser usada como um desktop, para trabalhar com o notebook, ou ainda, como uma cadeira de balanço.

O projeto está no KickStarter, onde espera investidores que queiram aplicar dez mil dólares. E com menos de três semanas até o prazo final, já conseguiu doze mil.

A cool rocking chair that converts into either a fantastic laptop workstation or an ideal gaming chair. It rocks, rolls and works!

The GO-GO is the first of its kind: A cool rocking chair that converts into either a fantastic laptop workstation or an ideal gaming chair. We think it brings the best of both worlds - form and function - to the living room, working environment and the gaming world alike!

How does the GO-GO......go?

When closed, the GO-GO is a modern rocking chair. The base is birch wood with black rubber trim. The design of the GO-GO incorporates the use of an actual auto seat. Whenever you want to convert the rocker for either gaming or working, simply tilt back the auto seat and reach into the hidden compartment within the base of the chair. Then pull out and extend the hidden foot rest and arms. The GO-GO as a workstation is great for those times when an additional working surface is needed to do work, catch up on e-mail or simply surf the net. The GO-GO as a cockpit provides one of the best simulated driving experiences anywhere. Its sturdy construction provides the look and feel that you are in the seat of a real race car.

How will OMGIGHO use Kickstarter funds?

In brief, OMGIGHO will use Kickstarter funds to improve the fit and finish of the delivered GO-GO product.

The design for the GO-GO was originally conceived to be the world's first convertible gaming chair. Soon after our first GO-GO prototype was finished, we realized that it had even greater potential as a space saving laptop workstation. With your funding, we will be able to continue to refine the design of the laptop workstation ergonomics. We will keep our Kickstarter community updated on our improvements throughout our campaign.

The current GO-GO is unpainted birch wood. While the unfinished version allows one the creative freedom to finish it any way they desire, we realize that many backers would prefer finish options. With your funding, we will have the ability to offer the GO-GO in a variety of colors and finishes. We will provide ongoing updates to our Kickstarter community regarding new finishing options throughout our campaign.

How will you use the GO-GO?

Are you a gamer? Would you like more portable workspace? Or do you just want a uniquely styled and exceptionally comfortable rocking chair? How you use the GO-GO is up to you.

As a rocker, the use of an actual auto seat makes the GO-GO rocking chair fully adjustable. It's unlike any other rocking chair ever created.

For gamers, we’ve specifically designed the GO-GO to work with the most robust controllers used for driving simulation on the market.

For workers, we've designed the GO-GO's laptop tray to accomodate laptops up to 17 inches.

One Heck of a Race Car Driving Simulator – Whether you’re into Gran Turismo or Need for Speed, NASCAR or Formula 1, we feel the GO-GO is the ideal setting for the simulated driving experience.

Comfy Workstation – The GO-GO allows a quick way to set up a portable and fully adjustable workstation in your dorm, office, den or media room.

Ultimate Commute – Do you have the option to work from home? With a fully adjustable auto seat affixed to the GO-GO, you'll work in complete comfort. Plus, it will be the only auto seat you'll need to get in and out of during the course of the work day.

Eclectic Show Piece – The GO-GO looks smart and sleek in either rocking chair or game/workstation mode.

Driver’s Ed. – Teaching others to drive? The fully equipped GO-GO works with all PC-based educational driving simulation software used at today’s driver education schools.

GO-GO features

Portable Storage - The GO-GO can be rolled almost anywhere you want.

Total Seat Adjustment Functionality - As with most automotive seats found in motor vehicles, the seat installed to the GO-GO's base has a full range of adjustment (i.e. backwards, forwards and reclinable).

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose - Do you have an old car that you can’t keep but would like to keep a piece of? If your auto seat is 23" wide or less, with a little DIY, you can install it on the GO-GO so that your memento may be given new life. As long as the base width of your seat is 23” or less (most seat models are 20" - 22" wide), it will fit perfectly on the GO-GO base. Of course, some DIY rigging may be required for any repurposed seat, but if your like us, thats just part of the fun!

Seat Alternatives - Let's face it: Not all of us have a spare car seat lying around or care to acquire one on our own. If you don’t have a specific car seat ready to install on the GO-GO's base, we have reward tiers that include our custom rail system installed with standard black racing seat.

GO-GO specifications

Colors - The GO-GO rocking chair base is natural birch wood with black rubber moldings and trim. You have the freedom to finish the wood to your desire. Our auto seat is black and made of cloth w/ microsuede insert. With your support, we can expand the selection of available seats to accomodate a variety of styles and colors.

Recommended Driving Controller - Logitech G27 or G25. Other controllers are also supported.

Styles - Chair can be configured as either a driving simulator or workstation

Weight - GO-GO chair base is 55 lbs

Size - L 39” x W 26” x H 45” closed rocker, L 68” x W 26” x H 45” open

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