Men who know fine cars, appreciate the Cobra!

Ford Cobra Policeman Advert Men who know fine cars appreciate the Cobra! It’s a rare Cobra owner who can’t instantly recognize the characteristic red lights and apologetic grin that seem to appear occasionally, without reason, in his rear view mirror. No ticket involved, just admiration and interest! Perhaps it’s the way a Cobra glides effortlessly through traffic, its four wheel independent suspension just rippling over the road. Or maybe it’s the sound…the matchless cadence of power with an American accent—Ford 289 High Performance V8! Whatever it is, there’s just something about a Cobra that demands more than a casual glance, and our white helmeted friends in blue are no exception! Closer inspection reveals a heritage bred of competition and luxury. The four huge disc brakes glinting behind wire wheels are probably the best visual definition of safety a state trooper will ever see. It doesn’t take a trooper’s expert eye though to sense the comfort and quality of the deep english leather bucket seats, woodrim racing wheel, and complete instrumentation in the sumptuous cockpit. Assuming you don’t have a badge, motorcycle and apologetic grin, we suggest you drop in at your local 'Total Performance' Ford Dealer and spend a few concentrated moments carefully inspecting the world’s most versatile sports car! $5995.00 P.O.E. Cobra Powered by Ford For more information write: Shelby American, Inc., 1042 Princeton Dr., Venice, California

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