Do you drive a sports car?

Do you drive a sports car? Then read this vivid extract from Jimmy Stewart, of Ecurie Ecosse fame. "Last Saturday morning I decided to take the E-type on Cinturas as far as Inveraray and back, 50 or 60 miles from here. The roads were wet and greasy, with occasional dry patches. I found that on the twisty sections I was travelling at between 70 and 80 miles an hour in 2nd and 3rd gear where on other tyres I would be driving at 45 and 50 mph. And in two straight sections at Loch Lomond I got a speedometer reading of 130 mph, taking it up to a maximum revs in 3rd and banging it into top then braking under racing conditions by tamping the pedal really hard, putting it right through the gears for various corners. And when I got as far as Arrochar I ran into quite a bit of snow and slush, and it was there I was really glad of the Cinturas. They almost felt like all-weather tyres." "I’m sure the Cintura is faster in dry road conditions than any other tyre. It almost feels up to the standard of a full racing cover. It gives one the feeling that it’s an entirely different tyre from anything else. It just grips so much better than any other tyre I have ever handled." The Cintura solves three sports car problems. Jimmy Stewart’s report amounts to this: the Cintura solves the three big problems of sports car tyres: 1. Tyre wear ("…here at last is a tyre that stands up to the driving I do."). 2. Tyre heating ("It seems to run extremely cool, even under the most arduous conditions."). 3. Tyre adhesion under stress ("I feel that the Cintura offers the absolute ultimate in safety."). How does the Cintura solve the problem of tyre distortion at speed (which can have unpleasant consequences)? It does so by having a built-in ‘safety belt’: An inextensible textile belt running right round the circumference of the tyre under the tread. It holds the tyre profile virtually unchanged even at very high speeds, and it gives the tyre a much more square and uniform contact area with the road. Send for Jimmy Stewart’s full report and your free copy of the Cintura book, which lists all sports and saloon cars to which Cinturas can be fitted. See what a difference Cinturas make, even to a brilliant professional driver. If you drive a sports car, really drive it, there is only one tyre for you. In Jimmy’s own words: "I think Cinturas will improve the characteristics of any sports car!" The standard Cintura: for speeds up to 130 mph. the High Speed Cintura: for sustained speeds above 130 mph. The fabulous tyre with the built-in safety belt. Pirelli Cintura. To The Pirelli Performance Bureau, 343-345 Euston Road, London NW1

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