The remarkable DKW does amazing things on only three cylinders and looks great doing them!

WHAT CAN IT DO? It can climb or plow its way through sand, snow, ice or mud where ordinary cars must find firmer footing or give up. The DKW's terrific traction is attributable to its front wheel drive which pulls it merrily on its way where other cars are laboriously pushed from the rear. Also, front wheel drive increases passenger leg room since there is no transmission tunnel. DKW floors are living room flat. 
WHAT HAPPENED TO THE REST OF THE CYLINDERS? The DKW has only three, yet its cruising speed is up around 80 mph. Think of the gas you save. Its amazing two-stroke cycle engine uses only seven basic moving parts: three pistons, three connecting rods, one crankshaft. There are no valv., timing gear, or camshafts. Ass r.ult, there's less maintenance, fewer bills, lower cost. Each stroke of the pistons in this engine does twice the work of pistons in conventional engin.. No oil to change, too. It's mixed with the gas and lubricatts with peak efficiency with penetrating oily vapor. The whole thing works like a charm mile after mile, year after year. 
HANDSOME IS AS HANDSOME DOES! The DKW is plenty handsome. Styling is distinctive and elegantly functional. Finish and appointments are superb, incorporating the best in work-manship from West Germany. Seats for five are exceptionally comfortable and spacious. The trunk is very capacious. Heater, defroster and turn signals come with the car as standard equip-ment. You get plenty for your money. 
DRIVE DKW AND DECIDE! Put these words to the acid t.t. Get behind the uheel and try every experiment in the books. Your dealer will gladly arrange an interesting demonstration. 
DKr cars are manufactured by Auto Union in West Germany. The line ranges from two-door coupes to station wagons and commercial mhicles. European delivery can be arranged. For the name of your DKW Dealer write to: Mercedes-Bens Sales, Inc., South Bend 27, Indiana. 
Distributed in the United States by Mercedes-Benz Sales, Inc. (Subsidiary of Studebaker-Packard)

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