DKW does it! The remarkable DKW from Düsseldorf... climbs stairs on 3 cylinders and 7 basic moving engine parts.

TENACIOUS TRACTION FOR TIME-PRESSED COMMUTERS! Front wheel drive -does the trick. The DKW is pulled rather than pushed from the rear. It will literally haul you over mud, sand, snow or ice where other cars stick or slide help-lessly. And there's no transmission tunnel Sc annoy your passengers. UNUSUAL? Yes. But the DKW is one of the most unusual and practical cars in the world. Its three cylinders do the work of six by using the two stroke cycle principle. Each stroke of the pistons does twice the work of pistons in con-ventional four stroke cycle engines. Think of the gas you saVe. 
ELIMINATES MANY REPAIRS AND ADJUSTMENTS char-acteristic of conventional cars! There are no valves, no camshafts, no timing gear ... only three pistons, three connecting rods and i-,crankshaft. Fewer parts to adjust or replace. FAR FEWER BILLS. No oil to change, ever. It's simply added to the gas. And that means fresh oil lubrica-tion all the time. STARTS IN THE.BITTER, BITTER COLD! Stringent factory tests prove that the DKW will start at 60° below zero in under one minute with no assistance. Reason? No frozen oil to gum up the pistons. Remember. it's mixed with the gas. 
AGILE? Like it hare! Runs, scurries, stops, turns ... no effort for car or driver. Steering is fast and precise. Brakes are large and sure. Frame strength is tremendous for safety all around. 
PERFORMANCE? Eighty miles an hour and you're breaking the law if you try it. 
COMFORTABLE? Very much so. You'll be amazed at how much interior space there is. Plenty of trunk space, too. And a very efficient heater-defroster is standard equipment on all models. 
SOUND FANTASTIC? Sure. That's why DKW is famous as Das Kleine Wunder all over Europe. 
WANT TO TRY IT? You should! Your DKW Dealer will be glad Sc demonstrate. Don't wait. See him now. 
DEW cars are manufactured by Auto Union in des t Germany, which also manufactures Auto Union cars. The line ranges from two-door coupes to station wagons and commercial vehicles. DKIF's and Auto Unions are distributed in the U.S.A. by Mercedes-Benz Saks, Inc. For the name of your DKW- Auto Union Dealer see the yellow pages of your telephone directory or write to: Mercedes-Bens Sales, Inc., South Bend 27, Indiana.

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