In the Dodge Adventurer, when night falls, things "pick up".

In the Dodge Adventurer, when night falls, things 'pick up'. Adventurer: the one pickup that's not afraid of the dark. Because when the day's work is done, Adventurer isn't. It's ready to take you where the fun is. And get you there in as much style as you want. With 383-cu.-in. V8 performance. Bucket seats. 4-on-the-floor synchromesh. Car-type air conditioning by Chrysler Airtemp. All available on Adventurer, if you want. And why shouldn't you? It's time truck owners lived a little. And Dodge gives you your big chance. In Adventurer. The one that works hard, plays harder. OUR NEW 'CUSHIONED-BEAM' SUSPENSION. Now Adventurer gives you a better pickup ride than ever. New 'Cushioned-Beam' Suspen-sion smooths out even the roughest back country roads. DODGE ADVENTURER-The Sport Truck that leans a double life For work or play. there are 31 Dodge pickups that give you more truck per buck.

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