Give in to that urge to go Wide-Tracking! The Wide-Track Pontiac.

Give in to that urge to go Wide-Tracking! 
Luxury travels with you in a Bonneville! Its longer for '62, with commanding new style (but the .turning radius is three feet shorter for deft handling!). It brings you the instant action of a 4-barrel Trophy V-a.•It surrounds you with beauty and interior fineness that belong in a Bonneville. Lavish touches like the wood inlay that extends the length of the instrument panel. Upholstery materials of hand-rubbed leather, Jeweltone Morrokide, fine cloth weaves. All this —plus Pontiac's road-steadying Wide-Track stance. Your Pontiac dealer's the man to see about Bonnevilles. Wide-Track Pontiac CATALINA • STAR CHIEF • BONNEVILLE • GRAND PRIX

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