You supply the cargo, Ford supplies the wagons (more than anybody else in the business).

You supply the cargo... Ford supplies the wagons (more than anybody else in the business) 
Nobody else gives you this wide a choice (15 models! 4 sizes!). No-body else makes 'em this carefree (routine service is needed only twice a year or every 6,000 miles!*). Here's the lively line-up: Full-Size Fords-4 beautiful mod-• els including the distinguished Country Squire. Attic-size room ...a ride like velvet. Swing-Away 
steering wheel and deep-foam bucket seats, optional. Middleweight Fairlanes — all-new for '63. They carry like the big ones, cost like some compacts. Compact Falcons—they're big on gas economy, low on price. Over 7 ft. of flat, usable loadspace. Power-operated rear window standard in Falcon Squire. 
Talk about wagons...your Ford Dealer has more to talk about 
Big Club Wagons — They handle twice the cargo of full-size wagons —yet cost less than some com-pacts! Can carry 8—can be equipped to sleep 4! *Except Station Bus and Club Wagons mono, 
America's longest, liveliest line of wagons FALCON • FAIRLANE • FORD

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