What's all this talk about unibody construction?

What's all this talk about unibody construction? The turtle is no bag of bolts. He put unitized body construction—one shell of an idea—on the road 25 million years ago... and whoever heard a turtle rattle? But it's the strength of his shell that keeps the old boy safe and serviceable year after year . . . and that's why mono-construction has been a feature of Morris cars since 1938, a turtle's age in the automotive field. Body shell, chassis and floor are welded into a single, immensely strong and lightweight unit, then completely immersed and rotated in an unexcelled rust-proofing process. But there the Morris' similarity to the turtle ends. Not just one, but an entire family ride comfortably in the silent shell. And that wide-awake engine gets around like a hare with insomnia. No other car on the road offers you so much for so little. Test drive the '1000' for the pleasure of its su-perb roadability and handling ease. Sedan, con-vertible, station wagon models are now available. MORRIS '1000' *Suggested retail price East Coast p.o.e. West Coast slightly higher. Free literature and overseas delivery information on request. A product of The British Motor Corporation, Ltd., makers of Austin, Austin-Healey, MG, Magnette and Morris cars. Represented in the United States by Hambro Automotive Corp., Dept. 0-1, 27 W. 57th St., New York 19, N. Y. Sold and serviced in North America by over 1,000 distributors and dealers.

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