Plymouth Sport Suburban. The biggest reason for getting a wagon.

The biggest reason for getting a wagon. 
When you think about it, a wagon is half can and half space. That's where Plymouth started when we designed the new Sport Suburban. Where we ended up is another thing. We didn't just build the can part. We made a luxury sedan. With wood-grained panelling. A fold-douse armrest. And an op-
tional rear window that washes it-self. That no other wagon in its class has. And we didn't just add space. Sport Suburban has more cubic feet of space than any wagon in its class. Because we placed it on the longest wheelbase of any wagon made. Now, anyone can create space. 
Plymouth Sport Suburban 
But ours is all usable. With no bumps to get or the may of load-ing and unloading. Also, we offer a roof rack. Not any roof rack. An adjustable one. There are plenty of other rea-sons for owning a Sport Suburban. But you should see them in per-son at your Plymouth dealer's. You'll find him a reasonable man. 
And the beat goes on.

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