The 1968 Jaguar XKE. It always looks like next year's car.

The 1968 XKE really looks as if Jaguar designed it too soon. By not having to give the XKE a cosmetic overhaul every year, Jaguar engineers have more time to concentrate on engineering. The 1968 XKE is more powerful than any imported car selling for less than $10,000. Yet, for all its power, the XKE manages to cover 20 miles of turnpike on a gallon of gas. A111968 cars sold in the United States had to meet a long list of safety requirements. Jaguar en-gineering not only met these re-quirements, but exceeded them. The '68 XKE has radial ply tires, 4-wheel disc brakes, 4-wheel independent suspension, accu-rate 7-dial instrumentation, rack and pinion steering, (all included in the price). Yet the XKE above sells for $5,352. This price includes many lux-ury items you'll find in cars costing twice as much. All leather is prime hide. The bucket seats re-cline. The steering wheel adjusts. And the wire wheels are real. The XKE may look as though Jaguar designed it too soon. But that doesn't mean it's too soon for you to own one.

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