After 20 years we finally got it right. The Volkswagen Vanagon 1981.

Don't get us wrong we got it right 20 years ago. Even then our big Volkswagen was still the most revolutionary wagon of its time. it could carry about twice as much as the average &lotion wagon. On fy one small problem: Some people thought it wos funny iooking. Bock to the drawing boads. Over the years we came up with a modern, °era:Is/et body. We also mode the windows bigger. The doors bigger, The interior bigger. And more =bitable The dash more dashing. me engine more energetic. Arxi the suspension more sophisticated which led Carond Driver nisogozine to say: what we hove here is the Porsche 911 of vans. The vbnagon goes down the rood with a car like assurance that never exited in vehcles of this type before: In short, there isn't a nut or even a bolt that we haven't refined or redesigned since we produced our vintage '61 Bus. So, In every way, we think that cur '81 Vanagon is the most beautiful big Bus we've ever produced. Alas, one small problem: Some people still think it5 funny looking.

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