Some people like it for what it is. Some like it for what it can be. The American Motors Javelin.

Some people like it for what it is. Some like it for what it can be. 
We think the Javelin SST manages to do one very important thing more success-fully than any other sporty car. It unites the two worlds of speed and comfort without allowing one to pletel flopittefothreleossther.osey m than any other. Ameridaff made sporty car. We give you a bigger standard engine and a bigger trunk than Mustang and Camaro. We scoop out a little more room for legs in the front than our competitors do. We include reclining bucket mats as standard equipment and a nylon carpet nice enough to have impressed M6tor Trend magazine (see March issue). Of course, you can get options like the 390 engine, a 4-speed transmission with Hurst shifter, disc brakes and mag wheels. But even without a single option the Javelin is very easy to like. Just the way it is. Recently, however, word has gotten back to as that some people am making our hot sporty Javelin even hotter. That comes as no surprise. We've been doing the same thing ourselves. In last season's Trans-Am road races, specially prepared and modified Javelins often outran far more seasoned competi-tion. And in our first year, we were the only factory team who never failed to finish a race. This year, in addition to SCCA Trans-Am, we'll be represented by two factory sponsored teams on the NASCAR GT circuit. But you don't have to be a pro to be competitor in a Javelin, because pros are making custom parts specifically for it. Here are just a few: Hurst shifters. Doug's headers.'Isky'cams.Edlebrock and Offenhauser intake manifolds. Schiefer clutches and flywheels. Order them through your American Motors dealer or your favorite speed shop ...and who knows? • Driving theJavelin could become a career. American Motors' 

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