Why don't we enter high-performance American Motors Rambler V8s in racing? Because the only race the Rambler cares about is the human race!

Why don't we enter high-performance Rambler V-8s in racing? Because the only race the American Motors Rambler cares about is the human race! 
Racing has a real fascination as professional driv-ers unleash raw horsepower and flaunt death. It's a thrilling sport—in the right place. Out of its proper place, racing is deadly. 'Yet there are those who are glamorizing and adver-tising race-track speeds in order to sell cars. This is not in the public interest, and Rambler will have no part in it. Glorification of horsepower tempts teen-agers to think high-speed driving is`in'—and safety 'out' —makes irresponsible drivers even more irrespon-sible, contributes to the mounting carnage on the nation's highways. 
IMPORTANT NOTE: Rambler is strongly in favor of responsive horse-power and performance—offers engines up to 270 HP. But we are strongly against glamorizing raw horsepower and speed to the point where irresponsible drivers may be tempted to abuse them. We believe automobiles should have the best of both—a sensible and satisfying balance of performance and economy, as well as roomi-ness and handling ease. That's the way we build Ramblers. 
While many people are still apathetic, growing numbers are joining Rambler's crusade against 
the promotion of excessive speed and horsepower. Are Ramblers underpowered? Emphatically not! Every Rambler delivers spirited perform-ance. Our Ambassador, for instance, offers a 270-hp V-8. It would be no trick at all to beef up that rating to 300-hp or more. But it would serve you no better. Rambler's prime concern is for your safety, comfort, satisfaction, and savings. That's why every Rambler balances turnpike performance with sensible economy. It's why Rambler gives you Advanced Unit Con-struction, Double-Safety Brakes (separate sys-tems, front and rear); a Ceramic-Armored exhaust system that protects against rust and fume leaks. Plus optional headrests that act as headguards against whiplash if your car is struck from behind. Rambler spends millions on testing cars before they go on sale, millions more on safety advances. But not one cent to glorify speed. We welcome your comments, and invite you to join our crusade for safe motoring. American Motors Corporation, Detroit 32, Michigan. 
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American • Classic V-8 or 6. Ambassador V-8

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