Top Gear Series 23 BBC Brit Trailer With The Stig and Björn Gustafsson

Singer and humorist Björn Gustafsson performs a love song while taking a ride with The Stig in a Ford Mustang on a race track.

Idag ska jag aka med The Stig... och spela en liten truddelutt.

There are a lot of badass people
There are a lot of TV shows
Oh my god
This is going to be so hard
Or is it still a lyric
That I am singing in the car?

He can pocket park a bus
Everybody look at us
The fastest man in BBC
He can do nothing wrong
And I think he is gluten-free
But let us back to the song

I will be the first to read it
If you write your memoirs
I would vote on you
If you were a part of Dancing With The Stars

The Stig you are a myth
I bet a lot of women
Had a secret dream of you
A secret dream of you
Sometimes I wish you were my dad

Some say you are sleeping like a bat
Some say your blood is motor oil
Some say love it is a river
Some say you are really Susan Boyle
Some say The Stig can fly a dragon

He is much more handsome than Jon Snow
That the Winter would come sooner
But The Stig simply said no
I understand you keep the helmet on

And all the secrecy
But that England has not knighted you
Is mystery to me
If you roll the window down
80 miles and hour feels just right

And you reach out with your hand
That is what a fake boob feels like
Though you are fast you seem polite
And I bet you would never honk

I think you have a lot of friends
If not you should ask Matt LeBlanc
Though Hollywood is rad
You're more Pitt than Brad
No pun intended here
But I think you're this show's Top Gear

You are the sunshine to the window
When I'm lost and feel alone
You are always the main subject
When I am talking on the phone
The Bugatti vs. Zonda
I watched every episode

And actually in Sweden
Stig means a tiny, tiny road
Thanks for all the joy
Really thanks for everything
For going round and round
And round and round the Nürburgring

People say is that a bird?
Is that a plane?
We will let them fig
We are the world
You are The Stig

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