The new American Motors AMX will be sold as democratically as possible.

The new AMX will be sold as democratically as possible. 
We, American Motors, have over 2,300 dealers across the country who can sell more AMX's than we can make. And we will only make about 10,000 this year. In other words, we're faced with a mini-Supply of AMX's and a maxi-Demand for AMX's. In an effort to give everyone an equal chance to buy an AMX, we're resorting to the best solution we can think of. Like the House of Representatives, we will try to send a fair share of AMX's to each state, based on its propor-tionate population. For example, California, with a larger share of the people, should receive a larger share of AMX's. New Hampshire, with fewer people, won't get quite so many. It should all work out democratically. What Is It! The AMX is a 2-seater. For people who love sports 
cars, but haven't the time or the money to take care of one. Priced at under $3,300: the AMX offers most of the advantages of a high-priced foreign car. . With none of the disadvantages associated with owning a high performance sports car. The costly disadvantages of constant maintenance and special engine tune-ups. In short, the AMX gives you the ease of maintenance associated with a family sedan, along with the sheer fun and maneuverability of a sports car costing thousands more. 
The Engine. One Size Fits AIL The AMX body is made of steel.Which, while strong, is also heavy. So we tried an imaginative tethnique for reducing the AMX's total weight. We selected a lightweight engine block that combusts exactly the same power as a heavy block.

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