The 1964 American Motors Rambler. The No. 1 in usefulness to the user.

Pinched parking? Anybody can hang excessive sheet metal on a car and make it a mon-ster to park. Not Rambler. That beautiful and roomy Classic station wagon, pictumd below, will actually _ turn sharper than any other-make U.S. sedan; parks like a dream. New steering advances give all Ramblers area greater handling ease for '64: 
Jumping Jack journeys? Tired of jounce, bounce and rattles? You're in for a delightful surprise when you drive a '64 Rambler, with its in-credibly smoother and quieter new ride—the result of a host of ex-clusive suspension and construction advances. 
Hipped on headroom? High prices don't guarantee high — headroom. In many cars, it's the opposite. People who haven't sat in a Rambler before are amazed at the room. High-hat headroom. Big shoulder room, hiproom, legroom. Optional 7-position Adjust-O-Tilt steering wheel suits every driver. 
Rambler-No.1 in usefulness to the user No other car today gives you so many features for longer, more trouble-free car life—features like Deep-Dip rustproofing right up to the roofline; Ceramic-Armored muffler, exhaust and tailpipes; 33,000-mile or 3-year chassis lubrication; many other advances. 
*Based on comparison of manufacturers' suuested retail prices 
.1111111P Not enough go for your dough? Too many Rambler imitators tried to match its famed economy by cutting power down to the point of sluggishness. But they missed the Rambler Idea—a balance of snappy perform-arias ?with economy. Rambler Classic now offers a 198-hp V-8 that costs less than many Sixes.' Ambassador available with 250- or 270-hp V-8. 
NO.1 IN COMPACT.CAR SALES—AMERICAN • CLASSIC 6 or V-8 • AMBASSADOR V-8 Watch the Danny Kaye Show on CBS-TV, 10:00-11:00 P.M., EST, Wednesdays 
Rambler Classic 770 Cross Country Station Wagon, Six or V-8. Roof-Top Travel Rack and hidden compartment under cargo floor are standard. Three-seat model is optional.

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