More fun per mile, more miles per dollar! In the glamorous all-new American Motors Rambler for 1956!

More Fun Per Mile—More Miles Per Dollar! In the Glamorous All-New Rambler for 1956! 
The facts are yours — AT HUDSON DEALERS • AT NASH DEALERS 
Here is the ear that has put fun back into motoring • and gives you a bonus in economy! It's the completely new Rambler for 1956! Where else in the world can you find such a combination of trim beauty—spacious roominess—built-is safety—all in one top luxury car—the smartest, gayest thing on wheels—all at America's lowest price! . 
See the widest windshield—the finest visibility in the low-priced field. See shoulder room and head-room greater than some cars costing twice as much —in the Rambler that handles easiest of all! See the proof at your Hudson dealer or your Nash dealer—never before has a car so fine been priced so low. Make the smart switch for '56—to Rambler. 
Make the Smart Switch to Airliner Make the Smart Switch to Double Safe Make the Smart Switch to the car that Reclining Seat luxury. You have a nap Singlelinit CarConstruction. All-welded, out-corners, out-parks them all. Entirely couch to keep children fidget-free on trips, twice as rigid with 'double lifetime' new ride—first low.priced car with Deep relax grown•ups. Even it chaise longue! durability—means higher resale value. Coil Springs on all four wheels. 
New Rambler Cross Country Station Wagon! Enjoy more fun per milt and per dollar in America's 4owest-priced four-door Custom Station Wagon. Drive the smartest, most prac-tical car for Work or play on the road. today! 
All-New Rambler 4-Door Hardtop 
YOU SAVE ON FIRST COST. Model for model, Rambler is lowestpriced of all, with similar equipment, yet you get luxu-ries that rival the $5,000 cars—Power Brakes standard on custom models! YOU SAVE Ya ON GASOLINE. New Typhoon 01-1V engine, with 33% more Mefri:1 deliverst h:lr) to 200emore on YOU SAVE ON AIR CONDITIONING. All-New, All-Season Air Conditioning cools, warms, dehumidifies, ventilates and filters air —all at the lowest price in America. YOU SAVE ON TRIPS. It's a luxurious pullinan on wheels with Twin Travel Beds for hunting, fishing or vacation trips. No tents or cots needed: YOU SAVE ON RESALE VALUE. Latest figures from N.A.D.A. Official Used Car Guide, show Rambler tops the whole low-price field in resale value. You get more car for your money cher you buy a Rambler . . . you get more money for your car when you sell. 
You'll Make the Smart Switch for '56 
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