AC Spark Plugs. On every Cadillac since 1914.

AC Spark Plugs. On every Cadillac since 1914. For thirty-nine years, Cadillac, 'the Standard of the World,' has stand-ardized on AC Spark Plugs. Stressing quality in design, engineering and construction, it is natural that Cadillac should choose the quality spark plug—ACs with patented CORALOX Insulator. CORALOX—AC's greatest contribution to spark plug efficiency — stays clean longer, assuring smoother per-formance, greater gasoline economy and longer plug life. You can enjoy the same spark plug performance in your car that Cadillac owners do—because ACs with patented CORALOX Insulator are now available for all makes of cars, regardless of year. An AC equipped 175 hp V-16 engine powered this fast and sleek 1930 Cadillac Sports Roadster. The first American car with a V-8 engine, this 1914 Cadillac 'Salon for four' was AC equipped. In 1925 this Cadillac 7 passenger Custom Touring had an 87 hp V-8 with AC Spark Plugs. Original Equipment on Nearly as Many New Cars as All Other Makes Combined Cadillac's 210 hp B Dorado—equipped with ACs—typifies the finest in 1953 Sports Car power. AC SPARK PLUG DIVISION GENERAL MOTORS, CORPORATION

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