Only the strong survive. The 1973 Plymouth Road Runner.

Its a simple philosophy. And that's been the philosophy behind the Road Runner since Year 1 (1968). So here we are once again telling you our Bad is one well-put-together, good-handling, no-nonsense performance car for around S3,000. Because the new Road Runner is precisely that. The standard things go something like this: There's a surprising 318 cubic inch V-8 (with dual exhaust). Manual disc brakes. 3-speed floor shift. Heavy-duty springs. Front and rear sway bars. Rallye wheels. F70 x 14 raised white-letter tires. Special body stripes. Electronic Ignition System. (It gives you up to 35, higher starting voltage than non-electronic systems.) Torsion-bat suspension. Unibody construction. When you get to the optional stuff, it gets even better. The axle package has a Sure-Grip differential, heavy-duty 3.55 ratio axle, 26' high-performance radiator and a torque drive slip fan that uses 5 to 8 less horsepower than the conventional fan (at high rpm). Our 340, 400 and 440 cubic inch Wedges are something to think about. Because they're some-thing else. You can get our legendary TorqueFlite automatic transmission. Or a 4-speed with a Hurst shifter. G70 x 14 and G60 x 15 tires. Heavy-duty shocks. Hood pins. Hood stripes. Racing mirrors. Should you consider buying a new Road Runner, consider the way we've built this and every other Road Runner. Plymouth Road Runner Extra care in engineering... it makes a difference.

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