Every now and then a Volkswagen runs into a little trouble at the factory.

Every now and then a VW runs into a little trouble at the factory. That hunk of junk was well on its way to being a Volkswagen, when it ran into a stone wall: a bunch of hard-nosed inspectors who pull enough parts off the line every day to make the equivalent of 20 cars. Or 2 freight cars full of scrap. There are thousands of inspectors who literally pick every Volkswagen to pieces, every step of the way. If there's a little scratch in a fender, it gets scratched. If there's a little nick in a bumper, it gets bumped. Wherever ten people are doing something, there's an inspector to undo it. For the paint job alone, no less than 8 inspectors check every VW. All that inspection doesn't mean the work isn't done carefully. The men who make the VW make it very well. The inspectors just make it perfect.

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