Why do we call this car the incredible BMC 850?

Why do we call this car the incredible BMC 850? First, the '850' is only ten feet long. Yet it will hold four adults comfortably. In fact, the '850' has more room than many larger cars. Its performance is—we almost said, 'incred-ible'. Here are the plain, simple, but amazing facts. Over 70 miles an hour on thruways. Can do 45 miles on a gallon of gas. Whisks around corners like a sports car, rather than the handy, solid family car it is. Slips into spaces that are too small for 'compact' cars. Frankly, you've got to drive it to believe it. How did BMC do it? Just thought up a brand new idea in car design. That's all! The '850' is a front-wheel drive car, BUT with the engine mounted CROSSWISE. So you have all the rest of the car for yourself, passengers and luggage. And to make your ride smooth sailing, all wheels have independent rubber suspension. No doubt about it, BMC, Britain's largest car manufacturer, did the incredible with the '850'. Comes in two models, both with full 12-month factory guarantee—the Austin 850 and the Morris 850—identical except for their grilles. Identical in price too—an incredible $1295.

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