"Just pace the racers, Chuck... don't embarrass them." Test pilot General Chuck Yeager and the 1986 Corvette Convertible pace the 70th Indy 500. Chevrolet Corvette. A world-class champion.

Just pace the racers,Chuck--- ...don't embarrass them-
- Let's get it together...buckle up. 
Test pilot General Chuck Yeager and the '86 Corvette Convertible pace the 70th Indy 500. Showing off in front of the millions of people watching the Indy 500 will be a natural inclination this year Especially when your name is Chuck Yeager and you're driving a genuine world-class champion like the 1986 Corvette Convertible. A machine of almost heroic capabilities, powered by a race-proven 5.7 Liter Tuned-Port Fuel Injection V8, now with aluminum cylinder heads and redesigned combustion chambers and induction ports for even more torque and lighter weight. A machine that gives a new dimension to car control by matching its sophisticated forged aluminum suspension and Eagle VR50 tires to its new standard anti-lock brake system. A machine that in street legal form has what it takes to pace the Indy 500 with ease: When you're driving a world-class champion like this taking it to the limit is going to be quite a temptation. But take it easy, Chuck. The racers have to look good, too. CORVETTE. A WORLD-CLASS CHAMPION

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