Top Gear Brazil Special? What if Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May come to soccer land? Which cars would they choose? What challenges would they face?

Top Gear Brazil Special
A post in Jeremy Clarkson's Facebook page did the following question: "new Top Gear Special in Brazil?"
I give some ideas of Brazillian cars Top Gear presenters would buy to across the green and yelllow country.
The models were chosen to every presenter according to his reputation and performance while driving in the BBC's car show.

Jeremy Clarkson: a Chevrolet GSi, like Vectra, Kadett or Corsa, or a Volkswagen GTi or GLSi, like Gol, Parati or Golf, or a Ford GT, like Corcel or Maverick. I think none of these cars will make Jeremy Clarkson scream "POWEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!".
Chevrolet Vectra GSi
Richard Hammond: any car Jeremy Clarkson would choose but the one "Jezza" has chosen, or another hot hatch made in Brazil.
Volkswagen Gol GTi
James May: Ford Del Rey Ghia, Monza Classic, Santana Evidence, or other luxury but not so fast car. Captain Slow will choose the car with working air conditioning system.
Ford Del Rey Ghia
How about some of these challenges they could face in this country of continental dimensions?

- Across Trans-Amazon Highway, largely not paved, especially in Para and Amazonas;

- Who reaches a particular point in the Sao Paulo city, starting at the same time, at a certain place, in the rush time?

- What presenter, with the car he chosen, set the fastest time in Interlagos circuit?

- Who set the shortest time, with the car he chosen, in a hill climb at Serra do Rio do Rastro?

And you? What car you think Jeremy, Richard and James would choose? What would they do in Brazil? Say in the comment form.

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