Announcing the all-new CASE 1170... 451 cubes of TURBOCHARGED DYNAMITE!

Announcing the all-new CASE 1170... 451 cubes of TURBOCHARGED DYNAMITE! This one packs the punch of a tornado—and the guts of a giant from hood to hitch. The biggest and toughest 2-wheel-drive tractor Case has ever made. Heart of the new 1170 is a jet-age 451 cube diesel engine. We designed it from scratch to take maximum advantage of turbocharg-ing rather than a naturally aspirated engine turbo'd to increase power. The first of these new engines, in a turbocharged 504-inch Case 1470, blasted 145 pto horsepower at the same time it established a new world's economy championship. Tremendous torque. More than 380 ft. lbs. at 1500 rpm. From its full rated rpm of 2100 to peak torque at 1500 the 1170 snaps back with a huge power reserve. NOW THERE ARE 5 ,170 BIG AGRI KINGS 1070 970 The massive planetary final drive absorbs your worst shocks and strains. An extra big 15-inch ferrometallic clutch. 8 just-right speeds. Exclusive disc caliper power brakes. Better heat dissipation, greater capacity, surer control. 30-minute, low-cost field replace-ment of caliper pads. A reserve margin of strength in every part. The radiator has 20% more capacity, the oil cooler twice the capacity of ordinary tractors. The drawbar is double strength with double rollers, the 3-point arms are 50% beefier with 6000 pound lift. Heavy side rails absorb torsional twists. The massive front axle has a 50% greater load reserve factor. 451 cu. tn. 451 cu tn. 401 cu in. Turbo, A new world of comfort and protection. The huge uncluttered operator's platform is mounted at all 4 corners on king-size rub-ber bushings to isolate you from vibration and heat. There's a super-quiet Case custom-built cab—heated, air conditioned if you'd like, plus solid, built-in roll protec-tion at all 4 corners of the cab. Money tight? New LPL (Lower Payment Lease) recognizes the substantial cash value of the 1170 at conclusion of the lease —lowers payments accordingly. Convert your present tractor to cash. Long-term leases with seasonal or monthly payments and option to buy are also available—and, of course, tailor-made Case financing. J I Case Company, Racine Wisconsin 53404. A major component of Tenneco Inc.

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