Best performance with Volkswagen Service.

Online Premiere of animated spot from Volkswagen

- Services for the perfect look
- Cars become living characters

Volkswagen has started on the Internet with the commercial "Best performance with Volkswagen Service" 3D animated car models -. From the classic T1 to the efficiency champion e-up * - be implemented in to the living characters, the multimedia company Ambient Entertainment from Hannover has the film.. Once the clip has already been seen previously in December 2013, German cinema, he is now also a world wide audience.

An e-up! * As a soccer player in Rio de Janeiro, a golf "Couple" under the Eiffel Tower in Paris, a T1 and a T5 in the surfer look on the beach in Hawaii and a Beetle to hike on the Great Wall arrange to meet in the new commercial via text messages to a common party. At this event, all vehicles ready with an inspection of the Volkswagen service to well-maintained and to appear in a technically perfect condition. A Club Volkswagen come together and impress with their performance on the dance floor.

For the 70-second spot hotspots were like the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Great Wall as well as seven different Volkswagen models modeled digitally on the computer. Since 2006, appear at a distance of about two years, computer-animated commercials for the Volkswagen Service. The new, fifth spot is the Internet on the Volkswagen YouTube channel by following the link at:

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