Turtles they’re not. Gulf.

Turtles they’re not. The only slow-moving thing in Team McLaren is Rick McTurtle, the mascot Bruce McLaren found trying to cross the track during practice at St. Jovite. Rick has a lot of torque, but he doesn’t rev very fast. The McLaren Can-Am cars are something else. They finished 1-2 at Watkins Glen and proved again that they were the fastest road-racing cars the world has ever seen. Bruce McLaren knocked 1.99 seconds off the outright practice lap record for the Glen, set last year by a Formula One Lotus. And Denis Hulme cut 2.62 seconds off the race lap record, also set by a Formula One car, lappint at 132.27 mph. The McLaren M8Bs are powered by 427 Chevrolet engines, with a lot of McLaren magic added. They develop 625 hp at 7,000 rpm, and 570 lbs/ft of torque. They run on Gulf NoNox gasoline and Gulfpride Formula G motor oil—products you can buy for your car at any Gulf station. Switch to them now.

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