Brazilian Gordini breaks 133 records (54 local, 54 national, and 25 international).

brazilian gordini breaks 133 records (54 local, 54 national, and 25 international) 
For the first time in the Brazilian auto-motive history, a nationally mass-produ-ced vehicle, the Renault-Gordini, is re-cognized by the international automobile industry as a world champion. After 51 thousand kilometers of non-stop driving. night and day, rain or shine, the Brazi-lian Gordini established 133 new records for time and distance — 25 of them inter-national. Spectacular performance. Proof again of the high quality Willys builds into every product Proof of Gordini superiority. WILLYS OVERLAND S.A. Manulacturer wn,clea. S &mar. doCarn, S. Paulc Bra, 2122v141 —CMS OF TYE 12 VEHICLES OF ENE MOST CONIELETE PROOLCV LINE Iry THE CHASM:EV Au702ACT1VE 1219232012V

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