Now... another exclusive from Chrysler Corporation! Highway Hi-Fi Phonograph! Provides the music you want wherever you go!

NOW... another exclusive from Chrysler Corporation! HIGHWAY HI-Fl PHONOGRAPH provides the music you want wherever you go It's another Chrysler Corporation first! Highway Hi-Fi gives you the finest tone reproduction—even on rough roads.err special counter-balanced pick-up arm and shock-proof case itwure unimpaired playing Conveniently located under the instrument panel . . . the Highway Hi-Fi record player elates at md out easily and can be operated without taking your eyes otT the road. The I6-2,3 rpm records play horn 45 minutes toner hour on each side and are available in a wide variety of musi-cal and dramatic classics. popular favorites. stories for children. famous Broadway musicals in short. a com-plete modern record library on wheels. Highway Hi-Fi is just one of many dramatic new and exclusive features that are available on all the cars of TIIE FORIVARO LOOK'S, There's new intaarsgicialeLu:pdbutdt.on, irz . erFlite . .  surer hydraulic brakes . all-new FLIGHT-SWEEP styling. See all of these new features at your dealer's now! CHRYSLER CORPORATION ›- THE FORWARD LOOK PLYMOUTH • DODGE • DE SOTO • CHRYSLER • IMPERIAL

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