What happened to gravity?

What happened to gravity? The casual way a Corvette flattens out the steepest hill you’ve ever seen makes you believe for a minute that Newton’s law has been repealed. Not so; gravity is still operating. It’s just that you’ve never piloted anything with the fantastic push this jewel generates. But a Corvette makes everything so easy. Not just because its precision-balanced V8 can punch out more power-per-pound than any other engine in America. But because it answers a driver’s faintest hint so instantly and accurately. Because it stops flat, true and right NOW! Because its authentic sports car steering puts the car exactly where you want it, to the inch. If you never have sampled a genuine sports car it may be hard for you to imagine what all this can mean. But the remedy for that is as close as your phone. Call your Chevrolet dealer now for an appointment—and let him show you there really is a fourth dimension to driving! Corvette by Chevrolet. Chevrolet Division by General Motors, Detroit 2, Michigan

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