What sort of motorist are you... smooth or hairy?

What sort of motorist are you... smooth or hairy? Koni Shock Absorbers. Koni shock absorbers bring out a bit of both in you. There's a touch of tycoonery about the smooth, even ride. And a Formula I feel in the way you hold that tight right hander at speed. No car is too old or too pricey to benefit from Koni's unique characteristics. After all they are fitted as standard on Porsche and Ferrari. Look for the tell-tale signs of inefficiency in your shock absorbers. Sponginess. Apparent floating at high speed. Wheel hop. Wallowing. Konis can't let you down. They're adjustable, guaranteed for one year unconditionally, many have lasted over 100,000 miles. You can't know what Konis can do for your motoring and your ego until you fit some. This coupon will bring you more information lo J. WE BANKS& SONS cra. (Dept. Ki5). Crowland.Peteawrough Crowland 6/7/8 London Depot: Motortune LTd., Z50 Brompton Road. S.W.3. Tel : KEN 1166. Meese send roe pores and lectern:se delarls of the appropriate ease .000 abaerbers MAKE Of CAR MODEL flunk 0000 Fun SHOCK ABSORBERS YEAR Meas. rfolfen

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