The Mating Game... Your Bonus from the Ford Performance Specialist! Shelby.

THE MATING GAME... Your Bonus from the Ford Performance Specialist! - SHELBY. Every Shelby performance part is designed to the most demanding specifications. That's easy because Autosport Products' engineers specialize in one engine brand—Ford! Where your bonus really comes through is in the mating of Shelby parts. They are designed to work together—from the com-puter stage ... to the dyno tests ... to the winner's circle. From air cleaners and manifolds to camshafts and headers, Shelby mates them right! Get the whole story, from 221's to 460's in the 1 971 Shelby Perform-ance Parts Catalog— $1.00. The Ford Performance Specthlist ZU/TOS PORI PRODUCTS Mt, Dept. A-3„P.O. Box 747 Livonia, Michigan 48151

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