Shelby G.T.350 is "Son of Cobra"

Shelby G.T.350 is "Son of Cobra" Adults only! Shelby-American presents America’s fastest, race-bred stock car! You’ll thrill to its performance, you’ll hold your breath behind the wheel!! Every minute is something new never seen before!!! SEE 306 Ford horses packed into the wild and wooly 289 engine…four barrel carburation, high rise aluminum manifold and a hand-built tuned exhaust system. SEE distinctive Mustang styling to which has been added such "everybody will notice" features as rear quarter panel windows, rear brake scoops and "there goes a G.T. 350" striping. SEE computer designed suspension with front anti-roll bar, competition shocks, front disc brakes and torque controlled rear axle. SEE the G.T. 350 scream from zero to sixty in 5.7 seconds. SEE the G.T. 350…the car that’s not for everybody. Just for you. FIRST Bp at Cumberland. Bob Johnson. FIRST overall at Kent, Washington. Jerry Titus. FIRST in Bp at Elkhart Lakes, Tom Yeager. FIRST overall at Mid-Ohio. Bob Johnson. FIRST, second, third and fourth in Bp at Lime Rock. Johnson, Donahue, Krinner and Owens. FIRST overall at Mossport. Wietzes and Fisher. Written and Directed by Carroll Shelby. Producted by Shelby-American, Inc.

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