Renault Mégane Estate GT 220 Special Edition

Renault Mégane Estate GT 220 Special Edition
A Renault anunciou o Mégane Estate GT 220, com seu lançamento previsto para o final de novembro. Designado para combinar praticidade e esportividade, a edição especial possui um exterior único, com maçanetas de porta na cor do carro, detalhes em preto brilhante e rodas Serdard-style de 18 polegadas.

As mudanças no interior incluem alavanca de marchas de aço e placa "GT 220" com numeração individual para cada unidade fabricada. A suspensão é esportiva e o sistema de direção foi revisado, além dos freios e os pneus serem de alta performance.

O motor é 2.0 turbo e produz 220 CV de potência e 35 kgfm de torque. A média de consumo pode chegar a 13,6 km/l e emissões de CO2 na ordem de 169 g/km. O Renault Mégane Estate GT 220 será oferecido em 11 países da Europa, além do Japão.

Renault Mégane Estate GT 220: a sporty limited-edition estate for everyday use

Mégane Estate GT 220 is a Renault Sport limited edition car for customers who wish to combine the benefits of an estate car with sporty performance.

Powered by the 2.0T Renault Sport 220 petrol engine incorporating Stop&Start for an unprecedented performance package.

The same dynamics as GT, including a chassis and suspension developed by Renault Sport.

A customised, sporty look, featuring GT 220 badging, a numbered plate and 18-inch gloss black wheels.

Sales of Renault Mégane Estate GT 220 will start this November in France, ahead of its launch in 11 other markets, from Europe to Japan.

“Mégane Estate GT 220 is concrete evidence that a car can be practical yet still pack genuine performance,” notes Jean-Maxime Boulanger, Product Manager, Renault Sport. “It has all the qualities expected of a sporty car while at the same time permitting everyday driving pleasure.”

220 horsepower for everyday sports performance

The engine is based on the same high-performance turbocharged two-litre unit as that which sits under the bonnet of Mégane R.S. Depending on market, this powerplant will join the model’s existing petrol engines (TCe 180 or 190) and has been made more powerful to satisfy customers looking for a truly sporty powerplant.

In addition to delivering peak power of 220hp and maximum torque of 340Nm, this efficient, responsive engine is equipped with Stop&Start.

In spite of its undeniable sporty credentials, it returns fuel consumption of just 7.3 litres/100km in everyday use, equivalent to 169g of CO2/km, which represents a highly favourable balance between CO2 emissions and power.

The same dynamic qualities as GT

The GT version stands out as a perfect compromise between driving enjoyment and comfort in normal use.

Technical features which benefit from the acclaimed savoir-faire of Renault Sport’s engineers include:

- A chassis based on the Sport chassis available for Mégane R.S.
- Specific suspension.
- The same high-performance tyres as Mégane R.S.
- Specifically-calibrated electric power steering for the GT chassis.
- Braking performance to match its sporty calling.

Sporty appeal, inside and out!

Mégane Estate GT 220’s sporty look features a number of gloss black details, ranging from the door mirrors and diffuser, to the front air scoops and roof bars.

It sits on exclusive gloss black 18-inch ‘Serdard’ wheels.

The limited-edition version can be also recognised by its GT 220 badging and body-colour door handles.

Inside, the ambience of the GT version has been rounded off with a specific steel gear lever knob which heightens the car’s sporty custom feel.

And to remind owners of their car’s exclusive status, Mégane Estate GT 220 comes with a numbered ‘GT 220’ plate.

The limited-edition Mégane Estate 220 is as practical as the core-range Mégane Estate, while at the same time boasting unmistakable character for even greater driving enjoyment.

Renault Mégane Estate GT 220 is made in Palencia, Spain, and will be available in 12 markets, from Europe to Japan.

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