Life insurance experts prove... Ford trucks last up to 19.6% longer!

Life insurance experts prove... Ford trucks last up to 19.6% longer! And that's proof of lower ownership costs... right from the start! Longer life and more economy go hand in hand! A truck that lasts longer naturally co,ts less to own every year of its life! Take Ford Trucks! Of the five sales leaders, they last up to 19.6% longer! Wolfe, Corcoran and Linder, noted New York life insurance actuaries, assembled the records of all trucks of the five sales leaders registered from 1933 through 1941... 4,967,000 trucks in all. Then they pre-pared truck life-expectancy tables the same way that they prepare life-expectancy tables for human beings. These impartial life-expectancy tables show conclusively that Ford Trucks actually outlast the other four sales leaders by as much as 19.6%. And that's because Ford, maker of more trucks than any other manufacturer, knows how to build trucks to last longer! See your Ford Dealer's life-expectancy chart, and you'll see why it'll pay you to place your order right now for a Ford... the truck that lasts longer! HOW FORD TRUCKS PAY OFF FOR YOU! Your truck must produce or perish. The truck which can haul for you longer than others is the truck which can do the job better... more 'economically... more reliably. Life insurance experts prove Ford Trucks stay on the job up to 19.6% longer than the other four sales leaders.

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