Take Macintosh out for a test drive.

Take Macintosh out for a test drive. Since we introduced Macintosh', been telling gnu its the first business com puter anyone can learn to use overnight. Now were going to prove By gbing you a Macintosh to use. Overnight. Right now, anyone who qualifies can walk into a participating authorized Apple dealer, and walk out with a Macintosh Personal Computer. No purchase necessary It's our way of letting more test drive a Macintosh in the comfort of your own office, home, RV hotel mom. dorm mom or whatever. And really experience, first-hand, how much your finger already knows about computing. Simply put, in less time than it takes to get frustrated on an ordinary computer, Dull be doing real work on Macintosh. Because the hard part of test driving a Macintosh isn't figuring out how to use it. The hard part is bringing it back.

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