This is the picker that farmers built. New one-row pull-type corn picker from New Idea... with greater convenience and safety. Best idea yet... get a New Idea.

We've talked wills a lot of farmers about ,chat they want most in a new one-row Dicker. That's why we say this new one-row s the picker that farmers built. 'our new convenience features. Keeping s picker greased and humming is a constant Ind time-consuming job. So the new one-ow has 30% fewer grease fittings. And it akes less effort to raise and lower the mapping unit because of a new, spring .oaded lifting mechanism, within easy each from the tractor scat. Then, there's an easy-to-use 'snap-on' miversal joint. And, for more even distri-mtion of corn in the wagon, there's a new tar deflector at the top of the wagon eleva-or, adjustable easily from the tractor seat. ['hose are four of the things that farmers tiave asked for and get in the new NEW IDEA picker. rwo new safety features. There's a posi-tive_ conveniently located snapping roll ad-jusimen: MeaaS of a lever and quadrant. 
Engineered with new features that farmers have asked for, new one-row pull-type NEW IDEA corn picker 
This is the picker that farmers built 
New one-row pull-type corn picker from New Idea . . . with greater convenience and safety 
This gives you easier, safer unplugging of snapping rolls. And the PTO shaft is now permanently shielded for greater safety. 17% less corn left in the field. You can't afford not to own a NEW IDEA corn picker. Why? Because the average corn loss of 25 NEW IDEA pickers in 1955 official contests was actually 17% less than the average 
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corn loss of 73 competitive machines. That's clean field picking that can't be heat. Clean corn. One of the reasons why NEW IDEA owners won more state and national championships in 1955 than owners of any other make is the unique design of the husking- rolls. They deliver a maximum amount of clean corn to the wagon elevator. Write for new folder on the new one-row NEW IDEA pull-type picker today. Or get a copy at your dealer's. 
Best idea yet . . . get a New Idea 
EWIDEA FARM EQUIPMENT CO., DIVISION IMO DISTRIBUTING CORP. Dept. 1852, Coldwater, Ohio Please send me your folder on the new one-row picker. 
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