Mitsubishi Fuso é a primeira marca de caminhões a possuir câmbio de dupla embreagem

As transmissões de dupla embreagem ficaram populares nos automóveis. Agora, a Mitsubishi Fuso é a primeira marca de caminhões a receber o sistema de transmissão que se caracteriza por possuir uma embreagem para as marchas pares e outra para as ímpares.

O câmbio M038S6 "Duonic transmission", de seis marchas, utiliza-se de embreagens banhadas a óleo, pode funcionar no modo automático ou ser operado manualmente.

A Mitsubishi Fuso tem 85% de suas ações sob propriedade da Daimler, e o restante, da Mitsubishi.


* Fuso is the first manufacturer worldwide to present a double-clutch transmission in commercial vehicles
* Known as the "Duonic", this double-clutch transmission combines automated driving with the advantages of a manual transmission

Stuttgart/Kawasaki - Fuso has presented a world first with a double-clutch transmission for commercial vehicles. The new transmission drives like an automatic transmission, but unlike a fully automatic torque converter transmission, it makes for lower consumption figures and therefore lower exhaust emissions. The double-clutch transmission is an automated manual transmission. As with a fully automatic transmission it is a two-pedal system, there is an accelerator pedal, a brake pedal and a selector lever. The selector lever allows automatic or manual gearshift mode to be selected.

The M038S6 "Duonic transmission" has six forward gears and a reverse gear. The P-function ensures safe parking by preventing the vehicle from rolling away. "Duonic" features a non-wearing wet clutch, which lowers maintenance costs by eliminating the need to replace worn clutch discs. A creep function has been added to the wet clutch, as is usual for automatic transmission with a torque converter. This enables the vehicle's speed to be easily controlled when moving slowly - for example when manoeuvring or in stop-and-go traffic - and hill-starts are also made easier.

More information about Mercedes-Benz - and a photo with the index number 10A846 - is available online:


Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) based in Kawasaki, Japan, is one of Asia's leading commercial vehicle manufacturers. In 2009 the company sold around 99,500 light, medium and heavy trucks and buses. Daimler AG holds 85 % of the MFTBC stock, the remaining 15 % being owned by Mitsubishi subsidiaries. MFTBC is part of Daimler Trucks within Daimler AG.

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